What Should You Wear To A Funeral With A No-Black Dress Code?

mother and child stood at a grave

People have traditionally worn black to funerals since the Roman ages. However, this isn’t always the case. Many people make special requests for people to attend a funeral and not wear black. This is usually because some people perceive wearing all black as being ‘too depressing’. However, you still want to dress appropriately for the […]

Planning A Funeral: Everything You Need To Know

White roses laid by grave

Whether you’re planning your own funeral arrangements, or a loved one’s, it’s always going to be a distressing time. If your friend or family member did not plan their funeral ahead of time, then it’s up to you to make those decisions for them. During such a difficult time we understand how hard it can be. […]

The Role Of A Funeral Director In The Funeral Planning Process

Funeral director

Planning a funeral ahead of time is a great way to fix a price, and allow funeral directors to craft the perfect send-off for you. The role a funeral director takes is not just logistical. At Piper Funeral Services we pride ourselves on being there for the bereaved after you’ve passed. We cover the process, […]

The Benefits Of Golden Charter Funeral Plans

Golden charter funeral plans are a unique service we offer at Piper Funeral Services. We understand how important it is to plan the perfect send-off for yourself once you’re gone. Not only does pre-planning a funeral take the strain off the bereaved, but it ensures there’s no guessing for your loved ones after you’ve passed. By specifying […]

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