Golden Charter Funeral Plans

Piper Funeral Services offer a range of Golden Charter Funeral Plans so that you can be prepared for the future. These plans give you peace of mind that your final wishes will be catered for, without burdening your loved ones with the expense of planning your funeral. Whether you are looking for a simple and affordable solution or a more comprehensive option, there is a solution for every budget. Contact a member of the team for expert advice and to purchase your Golden Charter funeral plan today.

Golden Charter Funeral Packages

Choose from five Golden Charter funeral packages: Basic, value, standard, select and premier.

Every plan includes:

  • Professional services and making funeral arrangements.
  • Administrative advice.
  • A coffin (the type will be plan dependent).
  • Transportation of the deceased to the Funeral Directors premises.
  • Care for the deceased ahead of the cremation or burial.
  • Phone support available 24 hours a day.

Each plan then covers a range of extras. See below for an overview of each:

Basic Package

The simplest of the plans, the basic package covers the cost of a coffin suitable for cremation, which will be selected by the Funeral Director. It also provides £500 towards third party costs. This plan is perfect for those seeking to cover the expenses of a no-fuss, low-cost funeral.

Value Package

The value package provides all the services of the basic as well as:

  • A hearse to the crematorium or cemetery.
  • A basic coffin, picked by you.
  • Adequate staffing to accompany the coffin.
  • £800 toward third party expenses.
  • Use of the chapel of rest and family viewing.
  • Arranging the funeral service at a local crematorium or cemetery.
  • Weekday funerals available.

Standard Package

The standard package meets all the criteria of both the basic and value packages, in addition to:

  • A simple level coffin, chosen by you.
  • Choice of date and time of funeral service.
  • A funeral procession to the venue.
  • £1100 toward third party expenses.

Select Package

The select package includes all of the above, plus:

  • Use of one limousine.
  • A high quality coffin of your choosing.
  • 24 hour collection and transportation of the deceased.

Premier Package

The premier package includes everything from the previous packages with the added benefit of:

  • Use of two limousines.
  • Additional post-service administrative services.
  • A superior coffin of your choice.

Paying For Your Golden Charter Funeral Plan

Paying for your Golden Charter funeral plan couldn’t be easier with their range of flexible payment methods to choose from:

12 Monthly Payments

You can cover the cost of your pre-paid funeral plan in 12 monthly payments. Pay an initial deposit to secure your plan for as little as £49, then cover the rest of the following 12 months, interest-free! Furthermore, you can also ask us about the Golden Charter Third-Party guarantee.

Low Cost Instalments

Depending on your plan you can also spread the cost over longer periods, up to a maximum of 30 years. This allows you to significantly reduce your monthly payments. There are some terms and conditions to consider with low cost instalments, and payments will be also be subject to interest. So, if you are considering this then get in touch with Piper Funeral Services for more information.

Peace of Mind for You & Your Loved Ones

Opting for a Golden Charter funeral plan, offers peace of mind for you and your loved ones that should you pass away, your funeral costs are covered. Many of us worry about burdening our loved ones with the expense of planning our funeral. Piper Funeral Services can help you choose the perfect plan so that you get the send off you envision without placing financial strain on family and friends.

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