Golden Leaves Funeral Plans

As pre-paid funeral plan providers, Piper Funeral Services are proud to be able to provide Golden Leaves funeral plans. These plans provide a simple and cost-effective way to plan for your funeral. Furthermore, with price guarantees in place to protect your investment you can rest assured that your family will not be burdened after you pass away. Piper Funeral Services can provide all the help and support you need in choosing your pre-paid funeral plan as well as tailoring bespoke packages to suit your needs. Call us today for more information.

Golden Leaves Plan Options

There are six Golden Leaves plan options to choose from, all of which include professional funeral services and administration support. The individual plans cover:


The copper plan is the most stripped-back plan available, providing a direct cremation service. It provides a simple solution for a fuss-free and affordable funeral.


The bronze plan covers a simple funeral including a hearse and a basic coffin. If you are looking for a traditional solution at an affordable price, then the bronze plan may be for you.


In addition to all services covered by the previous packages, the zinc plan provides a simple cremation with professional service arrangements. It also includes a payment towards disbursements.


The silver plan also guarantees to cover the full expense of a cremation. This includes the cost of the crematorium and clergy expenses.


The gold plan also allows for use of one limousine for transporting mourners to and from the service, as well as an upgraded coffin. This is in addition to everything covered within the silver package.


Including everything mentioned in our other plans, the platinum plan allows for a superior coffin and the use of a second limousine on the day of the service. This is our most comprehensive package available.

Benefits of Golden Leaves Prepaid Funeral Plans

Some of the many benefits of Golden Leaves prepaid funeral plans include:

  • Flexible payment options including single payment, monthly instalments and fixed monthly payments (terms and conditions apply)
  • Overpayment rebates for overpayments made of a fixed monthly payment plan. Ask Piper Funeral Services for more information.
  • Guaranteed acceptance with no intrusive health questions.
  • Fixed funeral directors’ fees so if costs increase you will not pay any extra.
  • Golden Leaves are members of the NAPFP and services are regulated for your total peace of mind.

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