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We keep our funeral cars and hearses impeccably clean and mechanically maintained, so that funeral processions run without a hitch. We have a private ambulance, estate car and a traditional hearse on our fleet. Additionally, we have access to an extensive range of additional modes of transportation for use on the day of the service. This includes limousines as well as alternative hearses such as horse-drawn options. So, if you have any bespoke transit requests please speak to a member of staff and we will look to accommodate your wishes.

The Funeral Procession

We will sit down with the next of kin and make plans for the funeral procession in advance. This includes:

  • Deciding on the preferred route to the crematorium, cemetery or alternative venue.
  • Establishing how many people will require use of the funeral cars.
  • Agreeing the collection point(s) for the funeral party members.
  • The types and numbers of vehicles needed.

Our Funeral Cars

Our funeral cars include a traditional hearse and private ambulance for transporting the deceased into our care and to the funeral. We also have a pristine estate vehicle for mourners to travel to the church, cemetery, crematorium or other venue of choice in comfort.

Standard Hearses

A popular choice, standard hearses are typically black in colour and can be dressed with floral tributes and messages of love. The coffin will be placed in the hearse and the vehicle will commonly stay in companionship with mourners travelling in estate cars or limousines.

Horse-Drawn Hearses

Horse-drawn hearses give a traditional feel and understated elegance to the procession. Adorned with various décor, horse-drawn carriages are striking and deliver a real sense of occasion. We can arrange for either black or white drawn carriages, with two, four or even more horses in attendance. This is a bespoke service and individual quotations can be provided on request.

Special Funeral Car Requests

Sometimes, the deceased’s interests or traditions may inspire special funeral car requests. For example, motorcycle hearses or coloured and custom hearses are among the more common requests we receive.

Alternatively, you could also source your own additional transportation to accompany the hearse and funeral procession, such as:

  • Emergency service or military vehicles (if the deceased was under their employ).
  • American muscle or performance vehicles.
  • Vintage or classic car varieties.
  • Motorcycle entourages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may want the hearse and following vehicles to take a special route to the funeral passing a view or landmark. THis can be arranged and discussed during the consultation.

The hearse, which transports the coffin, is frequently followed by one or more limos, which transport close family members, but none of this is required. While you may wish to make standard transportation arrangements, if you’re on a budget, you may just order a hearse and ask visitors to come to the service on their own.

Remember to think about more than just the deceased’s journey while selecting funeral transportation alternatives, such as:

  • Are there any mourners who are disabled and require special transportation?
  • Do you want the funeral procession to follow a certain path?
  • In the formal cortège, who will be travelling?

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