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Funeral plans are the perfect way to protect your loved ones from the financial burden of planning your final send-off. Furthermore, prepaid funeral plans also ensure that you get the service that you want, as you can reiterate your wishes and document them for the future. Piper Funeral Services offer Ecclesiastical funeral plans with flexible payment terms for bespoke packages at affordable prices. Contact us directly to discuss your wishes and create your bespoke funeral plan today.

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans
Benefits Of

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans

The beauty of Perfect Choice funeral plans is the fact that they are customisable to both your budget and your needs. Choose from a set plan or build your own based on your personal wishes. Whether you plan for a simplistic cremation or a more extravagant send-off, you can purchase a plan that meets all your requirements.

Some of the many aspects that can be covered by your bespoke plan include:

  • The level of service from your Funeral Director.
  • Funeral arrangement and planning services.
  • Administrative advice as well as registering the death.
  • Collection and transportation of the deceased.
  • Care of the deceased ahead of the funeral and visiting the Chapel of Rest.
  • Coffins and caskets of various specifications and materials.
  • Hearses, whether of a traditional or non-customary.
  • The number of limousines for transporting mourners.
  • Handling and distribution of any charitable contributions.
  • Level of financial contribution towards disbursements.
  • Any unique or specialist requests, such as eco-funerals or sea burials.
  • Customs or traditions, if the deceased was in the military for example.

The Cost Of A Prepaid Funeral Plan

The cost of a prepaid funeral plan from Ecclesiastical will vary depending on the package you choose. Regardless of the cost of your plan, there are flexible payment options to help keep things affordable. This includes one-off payments, monthly instalments or fixed long-term payment plans. Why not speak to a member of the team in order to discover which option is best for you?

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We can guide you through the Perfect Choice, Ecclesiastical funeral plans and build a package that meets your every need. So, to create yours, and provide peace of mind for yourself and your family, get in touch with Piper Funeral services today.
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