The Benefits Of Golden Charter Funeral Plans

Golden charter funeral plans are a unique service we offer at Piper Funeral Services. We understand how important it is to plan the perfect send-off for yourself once you’re gone. Not only does pre-planning a funeral take the strain off the bereaved, but it ensures there’s no guessing for your loved ones after you’ve passed. By specifying everything you want they can experience a celebration of your life and focus on grieving, whilst we carry out your decisions behind the scenes, and provide 24/7 care and compassion.

Let’s look at the different packages on offer as part of golden charter funeral plans, to help you decide which one is best for you.

Golden Charter Funeral Plans

Each package is tailored to a specific situation. A number of different factors will influence your decision, but regardless of which option you decide on, all our plans are fixed at the rate you’ve chosen and cater to everything you might need.


The basic golden charter funeral plan is for those looking at a direct cremation. It’s the most simple plan you can go for and focuses on a quick and painless way to manage your remains and get them into the hands of your friends and family for a ceremony of their choice later on.
  • Cremation and a coffin for cremation
  • Certification advise
  • Collection, care and transportation of the deceased
  • 24/7 telephone support for the bereaved
  • £500 allowance towards third-party costs


The value package focuses on burial, providing the same as the basic plan, with a few additions. Burial is sometimes preferred to direct cremation for both religious and personal reasons. However, the value package does focus on some quality-of-life extras that will help those grieving through such a difficult time. These extras are:

  • Family viewing options
  • Dedicated Chapel of Rest
  • Funeral service at preferred burial grounds
  • Pallbearers
  • An extra £300 towards third-party costs

Standard Golden Charter Funeral Plans

The standard package provides everything you could need from a funeral plan. Often, you don’t want to cut corners on your final send-off. At Piper Funeral Services we understand that not only is empathy and compassion needed from your funeral director, but a comprehensive involvement in crafting the perfect funeral for you.

The standard golden charter funeral plans include:

  • Optional cremation or burial
  • Collection, transportation and care of deceased
  • Dedicated chapel of rest
  • Family viewing at any time
  • Flexibility in ceremony and service times
  • Hearses
  • Funeral processions
  • 24/7 hands-on support from our funeral directors
  • £1100 towards third-party costs
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Get In Touch With Piper Funeral Services For Golden Charter Funeral Plans In Caerphilly

With so many benefits to pre-planning your golden charter funeral plan, Piper Funeral Services can craft a beautiful and appropriate funeral for you when the time comes.

Death is such a difficult time, but it’s made easy with a send-off that best represents the dearly departed. If you want a service that cares about your wishes, and those you’ve left behind, then get in touch with us to discuss.

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