Funeral Arrangements

From determining the procession route to planning post-service gatherings, there are many things to consider when making funeral arrangements. The prospects of organising a funeral service may feel overwhelming at this difficult time. Thus, if you are struggling with the process, feel free to contact our friendly and experienced funeral directors for support and advice. This page covers a selection of the various considerations to be made when making funeral arrangements.

Burial Or Cremation?

Choosing between a burial or a cremation is a very personal decision made by the deceased themselves, or by the next of kin. If a will or a funeral plan is in place, then this will often outline the wishes of the deceased. Where this is not the case, consideration of the individual’s beliefs can help to support decision making.


If preparing for a burial service, whether religious or non-religious, we can assist with all the organisation. This includes liaising with your chosen church or an alternative location, to make arrangement as well as organising transportation. If necessary, we can help you choose the perfect coffin or casket to suit both your wishes and your budget. We offer a full funeral arranging service and can be as involved in the process as you choose.


We can also help with arranging a cremation, from booking the crematorium to selecting a bespoke urn for the ashes. We can guide you through every aspect to ensure that the cremation service is exactly as you wish.

Arranging A Funeral

If you need professional support, Piper Funeral Services offer funeral planning to help you through the whole process. Elements that you may wish to consider, include:

Floral Tributes

Floral tributes are a common addition for funerals of all kinds. Often in the form of letters or shapes, these are available in a broad range of designs and can be decorated with the deceased’s favourite species. Funeral flower arrangements commonly accompany the coffin and can include flower cards, with the heartfelt messages left by family and friends.


Transportation can form a poignant element of a funeral service. Our fleet of immaculate, traditional vehicles and hearses offers a more understated funeral procession. Alternatively, a more unique source of transport for the deceased may be a fitting nod to the passions they had in life, such as motorsport or the forces.

Eulogy Writing

During such an emotional time, finding the words may not come easily. Eulogy writing can prove challenging for many. Which is why Piper Funeral Services are here to support you however we can. We are here to listen to your thoughts and support you in getting your memories and feelings down on paper.

Funeral Order Of Service

Piper Funeral Services can produce and print all literature for use on the day of the funeral. We can include poetry, religious and non-religious readings, or songs as well as information for charitable donations or post-service arrangements.

Will There Be A Funeral Reception?

You may also be considering whether there will be a funeral reception after the service. It is fairly common for these gatherings to occur at a home or private address with food and drink provision. The purpose of these gatherings is usually to pay respects to the family and reminisce on memories and experiences shared with the deceased. Alternatively, you may not wish to host a formal reception and this is absolutely fine. You may wish to inform mourners of any post-service activity following the service.

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This guide provides an overview of some of the aspects of funeral arranging. Alternatively, speak to a member of our professional funeral team to discuss our full range of funeral planning services.
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