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How Funeral Arrangements Are Made When The Deceased Had A Funeral Plan

Funeral plans offer a few benefits. They fix the costs at the rate in the year that they’re taken out, and they give you an opportunity to plan the funeral that you want. This means that families spend less time worrying about making the right funeral arrangements. We thought it would be useful to put together a guide to how funerals are organised when the deceased had a bespoke plan.

Which Funeral Arrangements Will The Plan Help With?

Generally, most plans will cover the costs and decisions involved with the funeral director. This includes the transportation of the body, visitation to the chapel of rest, coffin, hearse and funeral director. You may also get a contribution towards the cremation or burial fees. It’s often a relief for families to have the decisions involved with these things already made, so having a funeral plan can reduce some of stress that follows your passing.

Third Party Costs

Third party costs – or disbursements, as they are sometimes known – includes fees to be paid towards burial and cremations. These are not often included in funeral plans, but there is usually an allowance that you can put towards them. This can make these costs much more manageable for your family. Some plans that are more comprehensive can include these fees, which reduces the amount of extra money that will be required to pay for the funeral.

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Things like flowers and wakes, as well as burial plots, are not covered by funeral plans. Therefore, these will always require a bit of extra funding.

What Happens If Someone Passes Away Before Paying For The Funeral Plan?

There is an inevitable risk that you may pass away before completing your monthly payment instalments. If this happens, the rest of the money will need to be paid by your family. It’s generally recommended that you pay for your funeral plan in as few instalments as possible. If you’re able to meet the cost up front, this will get you the best value. If you’re unable to do this, spreading the cost over 12 months could be a better option.

Choose Piper Funeral Services For Funeral Arrangements

If you would like to take out a funeral plan or need to make funeral arrangements, get in touch with the team at Piper Funeral Services. We would be happy to discuss your options and help you to make the right decision.

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