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The Role Of A Funeral Director In The Funeral Planning Process

Planning a funeral ahead of time is a great way to fix a price, and allow funeral directors to craft the perfect send-off for you. The role a funeral director takes is not just logistical. At Piper Funeral Services we pride ourselves on being there for the bereaved after you’ve passed. We cover the process, the care of your body and compassion for friends and family during their time of need. Here’s a more detailed explanation of what we do, and why it’s so important in planning the perfect funeral.

The Importance Of Compassionate Funeral Directors

Empathy and compassion are the two key characteristics of a funeral director. It’s not enough to cover transportation and coffins, we want to make sure the bereaved are taken care of throughout the whole process. We play an integral role in organising your funeral so that it appropriately represents the life you led, but we also offer 24/7 care and counselling along with optional extras to create an extensive ceremony and celebration of life.

Care Of The Deceased

We store and prepare the body for its final rest, whilst giving constant opportunity for loved ones to visit if they choose to. Simply arrange a time and place and we will cater to your needs.


We provide a hearse, and even limousines to transport not only the deceased but all friends and family too. The number you choose is completely up to you.

Floral Tributes & Eulogies

Floral tributes are a beautiful way to celebrate the life of the departed, we cover all your floral-based needs. Eulogy writing is an optional service we also provide. Our funeral directors understand it can often be a painful process.
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Coffins & Caskets

With so many options these days, we offer a huge selection of caskets and coffins, from eco to traditional, we can find the perfect final rest for you.

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Memorial Stones

Once the whole process is over, a marker to stand the test of time is something we specialise in. Piper Funeral Services will help you every step of the way with a wide selection to find the best memorial stone for you or a loved one.



The most important part of a funeral is the ceremony, the final send-off. With a dedicated chapel of rest and professional funeral directors, we can craft the perfect ceremony, with your favourite music, hymns and even poetry readings.


Choose Piper Funeral Services For Professional Funeral Directors In Caerphilly

We’re an independent, family-run business operating since 1950. With extensive experience and highly trained and compassionate staff, you can trust us to create the perfect plan for you. Get in touch today to find out more.

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