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At What Age Should You Get A Funeral Plan?

Many funeral plan providers offer the opportunity to pay for your funeral over a series of regular payments. Some companies will require you to be 50 or older to begin this plan, whereas others will allow you to begin paying for your funeral from 18 years old.

What Expenses Do Funeral Plans Cover?

It’s no secret that funerals are expensive, and the costs are rising every year. By 2026, it’s predicted that funerals will cost an average of over £5000. The benefit of a funeral plan is that you put away a monthly sum of money to pre-pay some of your expenses. The price of the funeral is fixed at the rate that they are in the year you begin payments, so you won’t be subjected to inflating costs as the years go by.

Funeral plans don’t generally cover all the costs of a funeral. You usually get transportation and care of the body, visitation to the chapel of rest, a coffin, hearse and funeral director included in your plan. You may also get a sum of money to put towards your burial or cremation costs, so those expenses are only partially covered. Anything else will need to be paid for by another method.

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Paying For Your Funeral Over 50

A lot of funeral plan providers offer their services to the over 50’s. You can pay in full, pay over the course of a year or in monthly instalments for up to 25 years. Usually, you need to have paid the full costs by the time you reach 80 years old. If you’re paying in instalments and pass away before the full amount has been cleared, your family will need to pay any remaining balance.

Funeral Plans For Those Under 50

From the age of 18, many funeral plan providers will make their services available to you. The benefit of taking out a plan early is that you fix the funeral costs at the price they are when you start the plan. You can also make a detailed plan of your wishes, so you get the send-off that you want. Unfortunately, not everyone will live past 50. If you have a funeral plan in place early in life, your family will be prepared, even if you die unexpectedly.

Choose Piper Funeral Service’s Funeral Plans

We partner with Golden Leaves to offer funeral plans to our customers. You can pay for your funeral up front, over 12 month instalments or through a credit financed payment plan. Get in touch today if you’d like to enquire about this service.

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