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What Should You Wear To A Funeral With A No-Black Dress Code?

People have traditionally worn black to funerals since the Roman ages. However, this isn’t always the case. Many people make special requests for people to attend a funeral and not wear black. This is usually because some people perceive wearing all black as being ‘too depressing’. However, you still want to dress appropriately for the occasion. Here’s a few things to consider if you’re attending a no black attire allowed ceremony.

Be Respectful

Funerals are an occasion where we are given time to celebrate and show respect for the dead. Therefore, it’s not appropriate to turn up in an outfit that will cause offence. What is considered to be inappropriate will vary, usually depending on what the deceased would have like and what their family like. Some funerals might request that you turn up in fancy dress, whereas others will expect you to wear something formal and understated.

Choose A Favourite Colour

If the deceased had a favourite colour, you might want to consider wearing something that reflects this. Even if it’s just an accent piece like a tie, belt or pair of socks, it could be a nice touch. You may even have a garment that the deceased bought for you, or something that they particularly liked you wearing.

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Darker Colours Are Fine

Usually, if the request is only to not wear black, wearing darker colours is still perfectly fine. You may feel comfortable wearing something in navy blue or brown, while still respecting the dress code.

Things To Avoid

There are a few exceptions, but it’s generally safe to avoid wearing things that might cause upset. Anything that’s very tight or revealing probably won’t be considered as being appropriate. Funerals are rarely very casual occasions, so you should avoid wearing t-shirts with logos on, scruffy trainers or gym clothing. If you’re wearing a skirt, knee-length or longer is a safer choice than something too short. Makeup should be kept minimal. Do your top button up if you’re wearing a shirt, and make sure it’s ironed.

Dress For The Occasion

Of course, if the deceased has requested that you come to their funeral wearing something specific, you should respect that wish. Attending a funeral is all about being respectful. So, be sure to turn up wearing something smart, neat and tidy.

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